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Simone believes in a world full of adventure. That everything you do—no matter who you are and what you do, makes the world not only a more productive place, but also a happier one.

Described as "the one who can bring the truth, no matter how difficult," Simone teaches leaders how to inspire, face what they fear, and create culture and community that support engagement and excellence.

  • Executive and leadership coach
  • Certified NLP coach
  • Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner
  • Paddleboard and ski junky
  • Once a corporate trainer and facilitator

Simone's Signature Talks

Fearless Leader Emergence:

Powerful Ways To Grow Your Business And Your Inspired Team

During this interactive talk, your audience will discover how to:

Increase your confidence
for impact

Have powerful conversations

Maximize team engagement and personal responsibility

Inspire supportive and happy culture

Time Freedom Formula:

Simple Strategies For Stress-Free Productivity And A Life You Love

During this powerful interactive talk, your audience will discover how to:

Make more money

Spend less time at work

Eliminate distraction and overwhelm FINALLY get all the results you want

Have more confidence—be a better leader.

Lead And Profit:

Culture And Community:  The Secret Ingredients To Maximizing Your Bottomline

During this powerful interactive talk, your audience will discover how to:

Explode your profit AND change the world

The ONLY way to grow the kind of business that will thrive in the future

Grow the right culture to support your mission  

Play BIG, reach more people.

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 “One thing to keep in mind is that when I work with my clients, I am passionate about cutting to the chase and doing what’s most powerful and most effective—even if that sometimes means doing something bold and uncomfortable.”
—Simone Janssen